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Fishing Tackle

        I can supply most of your requirements, but here's what I recommend.

Rods:  8'6"- 9'  for 3 or 4 weight for Spring creeks and small streams.    9' for 5 or 6 weight is great for the larger streams and rivers.     9'- 9'6" for 8 or 9 weight  for Sea run Browns and Salmon.

I use exclusively  Rods

Lines:  You'll find that you have a lot better success if you bring a dull or dark coloured line. Most of our fish tend to spook if you put a bright coloured line over them.  I use Cortland's or Scientific Angler's "Slate Grey" color.   I find weight forward floating the best for most fishing, but a sink tip shooting head is great for the Sea run Browns

Flies:  A lot of your own patterns will work well here, so don't be put off bringing them.  Some of the more common patterns I use are probably well known to you. These include Humpy, Royal Wulff, Adams and Elk hair Caddis in dry fly patterns.    In nymphs, Hare and Copper, Hare's Ear, and Pheasant tail (some lightly weighted).  We also use a few streamer patterns, particularly on Sea runs. A Grey Ghost or olive Woolly-bugger work well.

Clothing:  Gore-Tex or other light weight waders are great most of the season, but if you're after the Sea runs, then a pair of Neoprene's will be better.
Warm clothing and a water and wind proof jacket is essential.

Our temperatures range from 50-65 degrees (10-17 degrees Celsius) Spring and autumn, to 60-75 degrees (15-25 Celsius) in summer.  

        Ronc1.JPG (22027 bytes)                     
Ron Clark Wiltshire U.K. with a Mataura Brown

Geoff Stewart showing off with a big Brown

                      Some of our most exciting fishing is on these small crystal clear streams.

Geoff and Bart Miller (Boston MA) with Bart's huge brown

Ty Fitzgerald (Queensland Australia) with his 61/2 lb brown

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Geoff Stewart Guide Services
PO Box 615, Invercargill
New Zealand.
 Phone/Fax +64 3 217 7776

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