Geoff Stewart Guide Services
Fly fishing in New Zealand

PO Box 615, Invercargill
New Zealand
 Phone/Fax +64 3 217 7776


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Contact Details:  Geoff Stewart, Geoff Stewart Guide Services.
Phone/fax  +64 3 217 7776
Postal: PO Box 615
           New Zealand

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Geoff Stewart Guide Services reserve the right for safety reasons to cut short or cancel any trip if weather or water conditions are considered unsafe.  In such cases, refunds will usually apply.
Fishing in N.Z. can take you into rugged or isolated terrain. While experienced guiding and assistance will be provided where possible, Geoff Stewart Guide Services accepts no liability for injuries or other medical conditions, losses or claims of any kind or nature.


Geoff Stewart Guide Services
PO Box 615, Invercargill
New Zealand
Phone/fax +64 3 217 7776
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